Everything old is new (and trendy) again

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La Bergère, a Dutch hospitality group, is developing a new hotel in Maastricht. The theme: “style, sex and soup,” corresponds to design, attraction and authenticity. Their vision is to decorate the hotel using furniture, objects d’art and knick-knacks purchased from everyday consumers.

The creators are asking people to rummage through their attics, garages – wherever, and sell their unique items. They are looking for chairs and tables, art, ceramics, posters, ‘collections’, games and even plants. Sellers can upload photos, add a description and name their price.

Hotels have been using the themes of authenticity and nostalgia for long time. (Emerson & Green, now 236 Hurumzi, collected local Zanzibari objects to create their fabulous guesthouse back in the early 90s). It’s a great way to find unusual or one-of-a-kind pieces AND create pre-launch buzz.

Don’t know if La Bergère is looking beyond its borders, but if so, run to your attic now and let them know what treasures you find.

PS Babel Fish can help with translation, if you’re going for it.

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