Quality control: “How’m I doing?”

The curious g blog is just over three months old. Using the infamous catchphrase of Ed Koch, former congressman and longtime mayor of New York, this is an opportune time to ask for feedback.

As some may remember, I began this blog because 1) I am endlessly curious and 2) to explore the reasons for blogging and how it fits into the bigger picture of integrated communications. Since then, I have branched out to Twitter and continue to test other social media sites.

A few points to consider, but please add/critique whatever you choose:

  • Do the posts fulfill the blog’s mission/concept?
  • Are the posts interesting, well-conceived, engaging?
  • Are the technical aspects working, i.e, do the embedded links open, are RSS feeds coming in, etc?

Thanks for your time and interest. Over three months in, I remain, curious.

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