Going Green: Demystifying Absinthe

Absinthe, absinthe bars, Ernest Hemingway, famous absinthe drinkers, hallucinatory properties, Oscar Wilde, Pablo Picasso

Absinthe became legal in the states back in 2007 (ending last minute stops at Gerry’s on Old Compton Street when in London.) For those who enjoy the occasional nip, absinthe bars have popped up everywhere. Yet, the spirit itself has remained romantic and mystical, in part because of the famous absinthe drinkers, but also due to its legendary hallucinatory properties.

NYTimes Eric Asimov dispels the myths, explains absinthe’s history, and provides the how-tos on preparing and enjoying the best shades. Cheers!

Famous absinthe drinkers throughout history:

  • Playwright Oscar Wilde
  • Author Ernest Hemingway
  • Painter Edouard Manet
  • Novelist Marie Corelli
  • Poet Arthur Rimbaud
  • Painter Pablo Picasso
Photo: © 2009 Janet Giampietro

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