Good things come in threes: Favorite film trilogies

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The Film Society of Lincoln Center is finishing up a retrospective of the films of Indian director, Satyajit Ray. Included in the series is his masterful coming-of-age Apu Trilogy. That got me thinking about my other favorite film trilogies.

A trilogy is defined as “a series of three dramas or literary compositions that, although each is in one sense complete, have a close mutual relationship, and form one theme or develop aspects of one basic concept.” The list below encompasses all aspects of that definition. I single these out as favorites because some are visually stunning –  in addition to great storytelling, some are surreal, some retell sweeping historical events and some are heartbreaking. All the makings of great films. Enjoy.

[ Links contain information and/or commentaries about the trilogies. Warning: some SPOILERS ahead ]

What makes a great film trilogy? Any favorites that you would like to add?

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