Rethinking the new iPod Shuffle, what happened here?

My first generation iPod Shuffle is dying. I was so excited that Apple was rolling out the third generation of that model.


This newest Shuffle is beautiful. It’s so small and sleek and anodized aluminum-elegant. It holds over 1,000 songs, handles playlists, and it can speak – in multiple languages. But here’s my problem. In order to make it so small and chic, they’ve moved the controls onto the earbud cord. Those standard earbuds which ship with the iPods are too big for my ears and the controls are not removable (although I guess there’s a dongle somewhere). How could Apple, a company so forward-thinking, design something so limiting and inflexible?

I’m disappointed. But I seem to be one of the few who see this as a big issue. Read Walt Mossberg’s review in The Wall Street Journal.

Is this Apple, post Steve Jobs?

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