Curious about TMI

I’m endlessly fascinated by the type of information and how much of it people choose to post on the web. As we all know, the public/privacy boundaries have blurred. And if you are curious – with too much time on your hands, you could probably find information on almost anyone. If you are slightly deranged or vengeful, you could use it.

Networking sites are booming. LinkedIn adds a new member every second (see Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder on Charlie Rose discuss this). Though the stats vary, Facebook registers approximately 250,000 new members per day and MySpace seems to be in the same ballpark. With numbers like that, it’s a given that potential employers, lawyers, universities, etc., are going to Google you, in search of the REAL you. And what will they find?

In this case, lawyers found what they wanted a jury to believe, was the real Officer Ettienne. Because of posts to his MySpace and Facebook pages, a trial resting on Officer Ettienne’s credibility was lost. Read the full New York Times article here. If you don’t  have time to do that, here’s a great pull quote: “As the lawyer Ron Kuby says, stupidity on the Internet is there for everyone to see for all times in perpetuity.”

Where do you/would you draw the line on what you disclose?

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