Curious about current “fair use” debates

On 7 february, the curious g published the entry, Shepard Fairey, how have you created?, in response to the usage debate over the Obama image in Fairey’s poster. The topics of “fair use” laws and content excerpting are front and center these days, particularly since Web advertising is way down. Sites such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal may be wondering who are reaping the benefits from their proprietary content when it is often excerpted in places such as The Huffington Post, which receives nearly 20 million unique visitors per month. Who’s driving who?

It’s an interesting debate, and with the continued explosion of blogs and content-sharing, one that will surely have many twists and turns in its future. Read the complete New York Times article. And stay linked.

What’s your take: Share or hoard?

Author’s note: The entry, Shepard Fairey, how have you created?, fell off the blog and the permalink was corrupted. I republished it with the original time/date stamp. Apologies to anyone who posted comments – they seem to have been deleted as well.

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