What is Chad’s secret?

One night I was flipping through TV channels. I landed on our local CUNY (City University of New York) and was stopped cold. I saw the most gorgeous images of a place that I had never seen before. It was the Ennedi Massif in northeastern Chad and the documentary was called The Sahara’s Secret Garden.

The Sahara’s Secret Garden unveils the breathtaking beauty of a Garden of Eden in the middle of the desert. It shelters unique flora and fauna that have survived the harsh Sahara Desert. Ennedi is fed by underground streams and is the last refuge for a few crocodiles, which survive because of the gueltas. The documentary follows a family of nomads trekking to the massif. Access to the Ennedi Massif is difficult and only a few privileged nomads have penetrated its heart, but the reward is great: bearing witness to a lost paradise.

A great discovery and another place to add to my travel wish list. How do you say “take me to your guelta” in Arabic?

Discovered any new secrets lately?


If your computer is Intel-based, watch The Sahara’s Secret Garden
Babelgum. It was created by ZED, the award-winning French
production company, which focuses on documentaries about the ties
between traditional cultures, lands and wildlife.


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