“the real curiosity is why the economy has not become a more significant political issue”

Happy? Now it’s the only issue.

That quote is from a 2005 Washington Post article entitled “Economic Worries Aren’t Resonating on Hill.” I’m not an economist. I am however, angry. Where were all the über-smart people who were supposed to be watching the economy? Isn’t it their job to see the trends, analyze the projections, make adjustments, and do all the heavy lifting to keep us afloat?

The general consensus after Meltdown Monday was that the indicators had been there all along, but many never saw it coming. Well great. Due to over-confidence, blindness, arrogance and resistance, we’re left with a major Sisyphean task. But, some industrious citizens have done what the government cannot do. They have begun working on their own plans to fix us. Could they be any worse than where we are now?

Good luck to us all.

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