Shepard Fairey, how have you created?

Not meaning to beat a dead horse, it seems that the “iconic” Obama poster is center stage again. This time though, it has nothing to do with the Obama camp. The feud is between the Associated Press (AP) and Shepard Fairey, the artist, who “transformed” the photo into the Obama brand. It focuses on the usage rights of the source photo – the AP claims ownership while Fairey claims fair-use standards.

Read more about it in The New York Times. Also take a look at Stephanie’s comment to an earlier entry, Shepard Fairey, what have you created?, where she ponders creating art in a technological age.

I have to go back to the Charlie Rose interview, but I think I heard Fairey say that the Obama people brought the photo to him. However, it is the artist’s responsibility to get a release for the usage rights.

Shades of Andy Warhol?

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