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For those who combine a love of books and travel, reading the wonderful pre-1945 Baedeker Guides is like striking pay dirt. It’s a thrilling adventure: opening the tactile, rich-red embossed covers, reading about a place in a bygone age, and unfolding the amazing pull out maps and plans. It’s almost like being there.

Over the past two decades, I have collected 10 Baedeker guides, which I handle with care. I started wondering if they are collector editions. That’s when I came across this fantastic site, It contains all things Baedeker – current news, lists of editions in english, french and german, current estimates for prices and so much more information.

I discovered that my guides have far more sentimental value than monetary value. That’s ok, because with the guidebooks, I can be transported to Italy, France or Egypt at a moment’s notice.

What’s your dream destination and favorite travel book?
 Photo: © 2009, Janet Giampietro. My 1914 edition for Egypt and the Sudan.

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