Curious about the word :: CONCORDANCE ::


What does this word really mean? It’s one of those words that I misuse because it doesn’t mean what I think it means. The word has a weight to it, as though it should be something earth-shattering.

According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:

: an alphabetical index of the principal words in a book or the works of an author with their immediate contexts

: agreement

Upon further investigation of the first definition, I found The Concordance of Shakespeare’s Complete Works and I thought, that’s big. But then, there’s Hyper-Concordance, The Victorian, British & Irish, and American Literary Archive. Huge!

My resolution: I’ve reached a concordance between my quandry and the definition. That’s hefty.

A question for word lovers, what’s your “concordance?”

2 Responses to “Curious about the word :: CONCORDANCE ::”

  1. Leon Says:

    I love this entry. My word is “penultimate”. Sounds final, but not quite.

  2. Steph Says:

    My “concordance” is a short word–so short and so awkward-sounding in a sentence that I’m hesitant to use it.

    echt (ekht) adjective

    Authentic; typical.

    “Costume and prop man Pete Rush has provided echt polyester ’70s garb
    for Miles and weathered denim for the farmers.”

    -Barbara Adams; Farm Life Not So Simple in Stellar ‘Drawer Boy’; The Ithaca Journal (New York); Oct 28, 2004.

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