What’s doing in Madagascar? A timely question.

I had the great pleasure to visit Madagascar in april 2006. As I often do with places I’ve visited and enjoyed, I keep tabs on them (like Bhutan and the Kuensel, but that’s for another post). How are things going in the country? How is it different from when I was a traveler there?

I recently came across some photos from Madgascar which I hadn’t remembered. What an extraordinary place for a traveler who hikes, or a nature lover, botanist, zoologist etc. A much harder place for the Malagasy people though. I was reminded of the politics of the country when I read the following trio of articles in The New York Times this week.

Mayor Declares a Coup in Madagascar
Self-Proclaimed President Learns a Quick Lesson
Police Minister: Madagascar Mayor Is Replaced

One hopes that in the future, the paradise that a traveler finds on the island can be enjoyed by its inhabitants.

What’s your take on visiting countries which have turbulent infrastructures, but are a traveler’s dream?

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  1. steve Says:

    There’s a lesson for mayors everywhere in this: See that the trash is collected before you set your sights on higher things. Are you listening, Mr. Bloomberg?

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