Driven by the instincts of an explorer

John Hare, Shadows Across the Sahara, Hanns Vischer, 1906

I’m going to ride a camel in the Sahara Desert. I am, I know it’s in my future. So naturally I’m always curious about people who have already experienced it. That’s how I stumbled upon two wonderful books by John Hare. Shadows Across the Sahara is an amazing read, recreating Hanns Vischer’s 1906 journey along the old trade route from Tripoli to Lake Chad. Like Hare, I fell in love with Pasha, his beloved white camel, and all of the travelers along a difficult, four-month journey.

Hare’s first book, The Lost Camels of Tartary, is a quest across the Gobi Desert into China. His earlier experiences in Africa with the British Overseas Council and the UN made him uniquely qualified as a camel expert. It was that experience that allowed a place for him on the Gobi Trek and that journey led him to organize his own trek in the Sahara.

Hare’s need to explore led to amazing opportunities for him, as he notes in the first book. It was there in the Gobi that he learned about the wild bactrian camel, an animal more endangered than the panda. His encounters with the wild bactrian encouraged him to set up his foundation:

Curiosity can lead to unexpected discoveries. Any unexpected discoveries out there?

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