The new shape of pasta

Those glorious swirls and curls of pasta shapes may have found new, more packaging-friendly forms.

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The power of Louis Kahn’s architecture

Architect Louis Kahn, The Power of Architecture, Fabric Workshop and Museum, architectural exhibition, architectural modernism, Kahn retrospective, review and commentary, © 2017 Janet Giampietro

The great modernist architect Louis Kahn is the subject of a major retrospective, Louis Kahn: The Power of Architecture, at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. Make the trip because it’s the last stop for the exhibition which began in the Netherlands and ends in Philly on 5 november. It’s also unmissable.

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A stunning Chihuly Night @NYBG

Chihuly Nights, Dale Chihuly, NYBG, what’s happening in New York, light and shadow, art exhibit, The New York Botanical Garden, Chihuly @ NYBG

Just as with Dale Chihuly’s artistry at The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) in the daytime, Chihuly Nights brings the same joy with the increased drama of shadow play and the vibrancy of color against the darkness.

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Banned Books Week 2017: 10 quotes from iconic banned books

Banned books, banned books week 2017, booksellers, challenged books, freedom to read, libraries, NCAC, say no to censorship, challenged book titles, support our freedom to read, 10 iconic quotes from banned books,

An annual event celebrating the freedom to read, Banned Books Week reinforces the value of free and open access to information. It brings the book and general community together in shared support of the freedom to seek and express ideas – even those some consider unpopular.

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Lucky 7: More unusual accommodations for intrepid travelers

adventure travel, off-the-beaten-path travel, travel, travel accommodations, unique architecture, unusual hotels of the world

Travelers looking for adventure of the unusual kind – here’s a new group of seven accommodations. Add this group to the 7th Heaven and The Magnificent 7 bunch from posts past and the collection spans the globe. There something for everyone.

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Look, up in the sky: The Great Eclipse Across America 2017

the path of totality, Great Eclipse Across America 2017, 21 august 2017, total eclipse across america, bucket list item, eclipse events 2017, what’s happening in New York, solar eclipse, solar safety glasses

Save the date

Monday, 21 august 2017, mark your calendars. The continental US and other nearby areas will be treated to an amazing celestial event – an eclipse of the sun – and for the lucky ones, a total eclipse.

American astrophysicist, author, and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson notes, “A total eclipse of the sun belongs on everyone’s bucket list.

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Smiles on a summer day and night

From the Bronx almost down the to The Battery, with a stop in between, there are three wonderful exhibitions happening now in New York City. They are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. They worked for me.

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Nostalgic for book-finding, the old fashioned way

Catalogs cards, book finding, library search system, Dewey decimal system, card catalog cabinets, book searches, vintage library systems, library history,

If you’re of a certain age and liked libraries, you probably have fond memories of the Dewey Decimal System. Heightened olfactory memories as well – with your nose firmly planted in the long, card catalog drawers.

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Stateside Shakespeare: Birthday Celebrations 453

anniversaries, celebrations, entertainment, Shakespeare 453 Birthday Celebrations, theater, William Shakespeare, William Shakespeare Birthday, Bard parties, Sonnet Slam, Shakespeare Celebrations USA

After last’s year plethora of events for the 400th anniversary of the Bard’s death, a more modest calendar follows this year for the 453rd anniversary of his birth.

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Dandelion dead

Fun and humor, Crayola’s Dandelion crayon retired, Crayola 24-pack, Monopoly casts out the thimble, Crayola meltdown, classic toys, Dandelion Yellow, National Crayon Day announcement

Just when we thought the craziness of the world was leveling out, Crayola announced that one of its longtime crayons, dandelion, will be retired. This revelation comes on the heels of Monopoly’s replacement of the thimble, the boot and the wheelbarrow tokens. The world, indeed, has gone mad.

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